How to Make Delicious Braised Meat with Pepper and Rice

How to Make Delicious Braised Meat with Pepper and Rice

Braised meat is the main dish used in Vietnamese meals, besides soup and vegetable dishes. Today, the braised kitchen will introduce to you a dish of braised pork with pepper, which is also a dish that is often processed by women, but to make it right in terms of color and taste, many people must have left it open. Come on, what are you waiting for, let’s start making braised pork with pepper in time for dinner!

Prepare ingredients for braised pork with pepper

300g bacon

Purple onion, garlic

Chili, green onion, cilantro

Seasoning: salt, pepper, sugar, monosodium glutamate, fish sauce, oyster sauce

How to make braised pork with pepper

Process materials

Buy bacon, wash, then soak in diluted salt water for about 15 minutes (this step is to eliminate the smell of meat), then dry and cut into bite-sized pieces.
Marinate the meat: put the meat in a large bowl and marinate with the spices according to the recipe of minced scallions + 1 tablespoon minced onion + garlic + 1 tablespoon seasoning seeds + 1 teaspoon sugar + coffee salt + 1 tablespoon fish sauce +1/2 ground pepper + a few slices of chili, let it sit for about 15.20 minutes for the meat to absorb the spices.

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Minced peeled garlic and shallots.

Wash the peppers, remove the stalks, and then chop them.

Green onions and coriander are washed, washed and chopped.

Meat Warehouse

Instead of using colored water sold in the market (not guaranteed), you can make your own colored water for more beautiful and delicious dishes and peace of mind.

Cook colored water: put the pan on the stove, wait for it to be hot, then add 2 tablespoons of cooking oil + 2 tablespoons of sugar, cook with low heat until the sugar water turns yellow and bubbles, don’t let it be too black, it will be bitter and bitter. If not fragrant, add minced garlic, stir quickly until fragrant, then add all the marinated meat, stir until the meat is cooked, add water to cover the meat, medium heat until the meat boils and cooked soft, braised until the meat is almost dry.

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Season to taste again and then sprinkle ground pepper on the surface of the meat, stir to absorb the pepper into the meat.

Present and enjoy

Scoop the meat onto a plate, sprinkle some pepper on top, add green onions, cilantro, a few slices of chili to decorate it beautifully.

This dish is best served hot with rice. In addition, we can prepare some tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce and then eat it.

The pork braised with pepper has a sweet and sweet taste similar to that of the Southern people, a bit spicy and has a very negative smell. The piece of meat is rich in spices, soft and has the beautiful yellow color of the water.

A few notes to make the most delicious and flavorful braised pepper meat dish

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Those who do not like to eat bacon can use lean back to store.

You can make ready-made drinks and leave them there. When stocking meat, then you must pour the water in to make it really good.

In order for the meat to taste delicious with pepper, you buy black pepper and pound it to have a more fragrant smell, using pre-ground pepper may be adulterated and no longer pure, losing the taste of the dish.

In the process of storing pepper, when nearing off the stove, it will retain the characteristic aroma and spicy taste of pepper.

The way to make meat with spicy pepper promises to be a delicious dish, stimulating the taste of family members. Delicious pieces of meat rich in spices with enough sourness, sweet and salty taste and aroma of pepper will help your meal always be cozy and attractive. Please add this recipe to the housewife handbook of delicious dishes every day for your family.

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